The Learn 2 Lift program is a 9-week course that comprises education, coaching and support to develop your lifting, movement and training capabilities.

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On the Learn 2 Lift Course you will get to work with experienced CF Coaches within a closed group training environment.

You will get homework and a resource pack that will be added to throughout the course.



The Learn 2 Lift course consists of the following:

  • Educational lessons where core lifts are addressed to teach strong lifting technique, appropriate warm ups and preparation drills, and common mistakes. These will be Tuesday 19.00-20.00.
  • Weekly group training sessions for L2L people only to practice what is covered in the education session.  For these session a CF coach will be available.
  • Private Facebook Group membership for L2L people ONLY.
  • Example Training plans to follow/try.
  • 24/7 email & text support for any questions you get along the way.
  • Course E-Manuals covering Squatting, Deadlifting, the Core and the basics of Pushing & Pulling.
  • Will address the difference between size and strength and the training continimum.
  • A brief overview of other topics that commonly arise – supplementation, equipment and recovery.
  • Access to all Custom Fitness classes and the gym.
  • How the basics of human movement can be applied to powerlifting/strongman training.

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Places are limited to allow for a lower coach to participant ratio.

Start date Tuesday 5th April, 2016.

Total cost is £250.

Early Bird (deposit paid before 1st April) £200.

Plus for those who participate in this course a special bonus will be presented during the course…


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