The Summer Body Transformation program is an 6-week course that comprises education, coaching, support and exercise to enhance/maximise your health and wellbeing and become leaner. You get to work with other like minded people, which in turn creates its own support network, offers encouragement, allows for ideas to be shared and addresses common issues and problems that people come across. With a 100% success rate to date for those who complete the course, the average loss of fat was 6kg.


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Book your place by paying the no-refundable deposit.

The Body Transformation course consists of the following:

  • Weekly group meetings.
  • Calliper skin folds measures are taken at week 1,3, and 6 to give you an accurate body fat percentage. We DO NOT use your mass as a feedback mechanism!
  • Private Facebook Group membership for BT people ONLY!
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions.
  • Training plan to follow.
  • Before and after photos to look back on.
  • 24/7 email & text support for any questions you get along the way.
  • A tailored set of macronutrients to follow, designed unique to YOU.
  • Online food diaries will be created and monitored regularly, giving feedback and advice.
  • Recipes to keep food interesting, and to help guide you.
  • Full membership to Custom Fitness giving you unlimited classes and gym for the 6 weeks.

The Body Transformation Course

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Educational seasons each week cover the following topics:

  • mind set – who and why are you doing it? Setting Goals.
  • nutrition – wha you really need to know about nutrition, and how to make it work for YOU.
  • hydration – the importance of it
  • sleep -this crucial tool in promoting health and fat loss
  • physical training – train smart to help training support your goal, not destroy them!
  • supplements – what do you need to take to help?
  • lifestyle – strategies to support your hard work improving your nutrition and in the gym
  • addressing common myths….what bulls&%t and whats fact!



Click below to read what people have achieved.

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From there we can either set you up on a payment plan to spread the cost of the course over 2 months, or you can pay the remains balance by the start date.


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