Pilates at Custom Fitness

Pilates at Custom Fitness is delivered by our Female Health Coach, Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist and Pilates Coach, Lisa.

Lisa offers her courses within a private Studio within Custom Fitness and details of the next courses are listed below.

Upcoming Courses

The Pilates courses held here at Custom Fitness are based on the original principles of Pilates set out by Joseph Pilates* and his 34 movement patterns.  Our specialist Coach can offer adaptations where appropriate to make them suitable and achievable for beginners; whilst still offering a challenge to intermediate and advanced class-goers.

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Our next courses at Custom Fitness are:

Monday evenings from 1900 – 2000 – our next Monday evening course will run from Monday 6th November 2017 to Monday 18th December 2017 inclusive.  This 7 week course is available for £65 per person

Book the Monday eve course NOW


Thursday evenings from 1930 – 2030 – the next course will run from Thursday 2nd November 2017 to Thursday 14th December 2017 inclusive.  This 7 week course is available for £65 per person.





Class sizes are limited to ensure full monitoring of each individual for correct positioning and using the right level of exercise for you on any given day.  It is ideal for anyone wishing to improve their core stability and strength and/or their flexibility (each session typically includes dynamic stretching too).

The classes can also assist in rehabilitation of anyone suffering from joint pain or back issues though in these cases we suggest you ring for a free consultation to ensure we can fully support you through the class.

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Your Coach, Lisa, is a fully qualified Pilates Coach and specialist in exercise for the management of low back pain. Full pelvic floor considerations are included throughout the courses.


For each class you will need:

  • Comfortable clothing that is not too loose (so we can monitor position of your spine and joints)
  • An exercise mat or large bath towel
  • Two small hand towels
  • Water

The original 6 principles of Pilates are:


Pilates is very much about quality of movement rather than “banging out reps”.  Producing a few exact movements, embodying the other principles is preferred over half-heartedly performing many.  This is why it is often said that if you find Pilates easy…you’re not doing it right!


being able to control your whole body through a movement or series of movements.  This can yield huge benefits for those who suffer joint or back pain, as it is often unstructured movements, pulling the body out of its natural alignment.  The more you can learn to hold your natural alignment, the more efficient your movements will be.


Pilates is based around engaging your “powerhouse” or core musculature.  In more recent years this has been extended to include the pelvic floor and activating these key muscles is an integral part of our classes.


focusing on the movement you are aiming to generate.


To include breathing sounds obvious but Pilates focuses on a forced exhalation to be able to fully inhale.


moving seamlessly from one exercise to the next.


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